Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 2

Day 8
I’m cold this morning and a little shaky. I hope it’s from the cold. Could be because I couldn’t sleep well last night too. I was playing around and pulled a calf muscle (I think) and it hurts all the time. Hard to walk too. Survivable, but it will make things harder to do today. Or, I guess I have an excuse to do nothing. But that’s no fun.

I went into work yesterday and noticed a little pep in my step that has been missing for a long time. Not that I’m down a great deal of weight, but I guess every little bit helps. I just noticed. I also noticed a little definition coming back into my feet. They were starting to look like glove-balloons, kinda swollen and all fleshy. But I could actually see contours of veins & foot bits under the skin. That’s exciting. :-)

Also cool is I checked my blood pressure. 117 over 71: Perfect! I’m on meds for high bp, but it has been higher while on them, like just a few weeks ago, it was over 126/92, or something like that. Now, I know I’m using an inexpensive bp cuff to check but it will have to do for now. Not sure I’ll check every day, but it is on my watch list to do in order to keep the bp in the normal range. Hopefully time to go see the doc again to get off some meds!

Day 9
Just didn’t feel well this morning, like I was sick. I ate a small-ish potato. It was all I could do to get it down. Not good. I know why teller called this the “Potato Famine”. But I don’t remember him having problems getting a potato down. I think I’m over-potatoed? Is that a thing? After eating it I felt a little better, but still sick. Then, I broke-I ate a small strawberry. Not -bad- for me, but not supposed to eat during the tastebud reset. It went down real easy and tasted delicious. I ate it too fast too. But for a few minutes, my stomach said “hey, what’s this?” and I felt better. So now what do I do. I’ll have a half of a small sweet potato and see how that goes.

Day 10
This morning I feel much better than the past few. Hungry, but I think that's all. That's a nice change! I like today's number too, but the goal is that will be common. :-)

I read a lot on the Thermogenex (Ray Cronise) site yesterday. He says “The Matrix” got it right,  we are heat machines. It makes a lot of sense when you consider the science behind it. Honestly I never understood how we burnt calories by just sitting around. And why doing some exercise only burns *some* calories. Why drinking cold water burns calories. We are a thermodynamic process. We are constantly losing heat or cooling to maintain a constant body temperature. That sales a lot of energy. And according to Cronise and others, it is how we were designed to live; to be cold. If you think about it, we live in a modern heated world. They didn’t a hundred or a thousand years ago. We fueled up in summer and did the best we could over the winter. And lost all the fat. So, live cold & thrive!?

Day 11
I wonder why there is an uptick like today. It is a little frustrating especially after yesterday doing nothing different than the previous  days. Don’t know if it is me or my scales, a cheap digital set, but hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.

I feel absolutely fine this morning, not even hungry. Something that I think Fuhrman said, along the lines of you don’t feel your liver, pancreas or pretty much any other other internal organ, right? So there is no reason that you should feel your stomach. That would be nice, except there is something telling when you are hungry or full, but I think he was talking about when eating don’t bust a gut. Just eat until full. And Cronise said it is ok to be hungry. It does not slow you, weaken you or otherwise hinder bodily functions or energy levels if you miss a meal or a day of meals. I guess I knew that, but the hunger pangs were so strong that I *needed* to eat to get through the day. Turns out it’s not a big deal to be hungry, for a while. (I could likely go for a couple months without eating and drinking only water and my reserves would take up the slack to keep the energy going.) Part of my reprogramming is to know it is okay to be hungry. It is actually not feeling that bad either, to be hungry. Just a reminder to eat.

Afternoon update: Disappointed by the morning weigh-in, I climbed on the scale again. 306.2.

Day 12
What’s with the scales? What’s with my weight? I don’t know. When I got up & weighed in, it said 315. I find that hard to believe. An hour later I checked I was 307.7. Like yesterday, what do I believe? It seems like there have always been weight mistakes with that scale, so I don’t know. Not sure I can afford a new one just yet either. So, for today, I guess 307.7 it is. :-/

Still working on what to eat next, but yes, I’m working on it. Jump right into green stuff or work my way in slowly. I don’t know. I need to keep going because I don’t want this first 2 weeks to be for nothing. The hardest part may be yet to come……

Day 13
Along with a change in food, I’m trying to maintain a little cooler than normal environment to live in. Shivers in the cold morning are a good thing! Just need to keep my fingers from freezing.

Day 14
The end of week 2 and I’m nearly out of potatoes. In fact, dinner last night included a celery stick with strawberries and breakfast this morning is an apple. I was really surprised at how big the flavor was of the celery. I ate strawberries after the celery and the strawberries could not overcome the flavor of the celery.  The apple this morning, eating as I write is awesome. Crispy and sweet! Lunch will be potatoes and tonight I’ll try more green stuff. We’ll see how that goes.

I think it is time to count calories and keep them to around a thousand a day. I hate counting calories. I don’t like measuring food all_the_time. I can’t do that for long. So, my goal is to only count until I get to my weight, or at least near, then stop & just eat.

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