Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 24

Had a total relapse last night, left alone to my own designs. Not good, but not the end of the world. Got it out of my system I hope and today is a new day.

Had a little oatmeal this morning. Haven't actually cooked oatmeal in many years. It is the knife cut kind because the kernels aren't rolled and take longer to digest. (At least that's the intent.) I threw in an apple and cinnamon. Not bad, but not sweet at all. The apples were not overcooked, but no sugar added sapped the sweet right outta the apples. Next time I'll dice the apples, not cook them, but throw them on after the oats are done. The first half I ate was straight out of the pan. Not too bad. The second half, of one serving, I mashed up a handful of fresh blueberries & thew them in. Yumm!

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